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Brisbane Intercom Installation

We install a range of Brisbane intercom systems, from standard front gate intercoms with video and audio, to intercom systems for corporate and gated estates.

Brisbane Intercom Maintenance

Intercoms are exposed to some pretty awful conditions at times. If you rely on your intercom and you don't want down time, call us about Brisbane intercom maintenance.

Brisbane Intercom Repairs

If you in any area of Brisbane and you need someone to repair your intercom, call us today. We'll attend promptly and get your intercom working asap.

South East Electrical provide a range of intercom services for our Brisbane clients. Our experienced and qualified technicians install, repair and maintain audio and  video intercom systems.

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A Wide Range Of Intercom Systems Available For Installation

If you’re looking to get an intercom installed, you’ll be wondering how and what you should get installed. We provide a wide range of Brisbane intercoms, from single handset audio intercoms to multiple handset units with video. Below are some examples of system we install.

We use only quality brands (like Dorani), giving you years of trouble-free intercom use. We back our installations with great customer service. Call us to discuss what intercom will suit you.

Types Of Intercoms

There are two main types of intercoms. But within those sections there are options and different ways to configure them. You two most basic distinctions are video and audio. Either of these can  have a system included for you to open a gate or door. Then for more complex installations you’ll need a TCP IP based intercom system.

Brisbane intercom system using Dorani video intercom

Video Intercoms

It's pretty self-explanatory. The video intercom is one where you can see the person at the other. end. This is great in circumstances where you can't see what's on the other side of the gate or door but need to. We commonly use video intercoms in Brisbane homes where the gate is far removed from the intercom and tall enough to obscure who is behind it. It's wonderfully reassuring to be able to see who is behind the door before you open it.

audio intercom

Audio Only Intercom

The audio only intercom is probably the poor cousin of the video intercom. But there are many situations where it's all you need. Sometimes you only need to here who is there. And of course it is a cheaper option than a video intercom.

welcome mat for intercom page

Gate Latch

Put out the welcome mat without moving from your intercom. Maglocks allow you to open the gate from your intercom. No more running out in the rain to your front gate.

dorani apartment intercom

IP Intercoms

An IP TCP intercom uses ethernet cables and network switches to connect together a network of intercoms. This is necessary in more complex installation such as apartment blocks.



Gold Coast Intercoms

Looking for Gold Coast intercoms? Visit our intercom page for Gold Cost residents.

Intercoms bring you convenience, piece of mind and security. For intercoms to useful they need to be reliable. Call South East Electrical and talk to Glenn about your intercom requirements. We’ll recommend the system you need, whether an audio-only intercom or a full audio/video intercom. For straight shooting advice on Brisbane intercoms call us today.

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