Smoke Alarms Brisbane

When a fire starts you may only have less than three minutes for everyone to wake up and get out of the house. Modern houses often have the children at the opposite end of the house from the parents, children also often sleep through alarms. Installation of an interconnected smoke alarm system allows all people in the house to be alerted to a fire immediately when it is first detected.


Protect you home and family by installing interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. Queensland legislation specifies that all Queensland homes are required to have interconnected photoelectric fire alarms in all bedrooms and in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling. 

Smoke Alarms Save Lives
Under QLD Legislation smoke alarms will be required to be installed in all bedrooms and in hallways that connect bedrooms

What is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

Photoelectric alarms, also known as optical or photo-optical smoke alarms, detect visible particles of combustion. Research indicates that photoelectric smoke alarms respond quicker to a wider range of fires experienced in homes, such as smouldering fires and the dense smoke given off by foam filled furnishings or overheated coated wiring. Simply, a photoelectric smoke alarm sees smoke and will alert you early, so you can escape. With a legislated connected smoke alarm system you will alerted no matter where you are, or where the fire starts. Apart from legislation enforcing the installation of smoke alarms, the fact is that they save lives. Make sure yours are installed and maintained by Brisbane smoke alarm specialists.  For more information about smoke alarms in Queensland visit South East Electrical.

Smoke detector and alarm services

South East Electrical Services provide a comprehensive smoke alarm testing service for Brisbane homeowners, agents, landlords and tenants.

The service includes:

  • Checking the expiry date (smoke detectors need to be replaced after 10 years)
  • Battery change
  • Complete a smoke tests
  • Provide expert advice regarding location of each detector to ensure compliance  with current regulations


Smoke detector and alarm installation

To keep your Brisbane home safe South East Electrical can supply and install smoke alarms in accordance with Queensland legislation. 

Our installation service includes:

  • Supply and installation of interconnected smoke alarms
  • Supply and installation of photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Installation in accordance with the latest smoke alarm safety guidelines
  • Installation by Brisbane smoke alarm specialists.

Looking for more information about smoke alarms, including Qld legislative requirements? Try South East Electrical Services’ main smoke alarm page.

Also, try the video below. It explains the advantages of interconnected smoke alarms.

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